COVID 19 & Toronto's Lockdown

We know that this has been a difficult year for everyone and as we head into the holiday season under these unprecedented restrictions, we would love to assist you with making the holidays as bright and joyful as they can be.

As we are a food products company, we happen to be one of the fortunate few businesses that are allowed to remain open throughout this current lockdown albeit under tightly reduced capacity. Our store is available with all of our food products that we hope will help make your lockdown meals at home a little more exciting.

If you are more comfortable shopping online, our newly designed website at now includes all of the items that you have come to know and love from our Distillery store. We are offering free shipping on orders over $50.00 as well as curb-side pickup from our Railside plant or lane-side pickup from our Distillery Store.

The W Café remains open for takeout and delivery.

Please consult our hours of operation as they remain somewhat flexible with the ever changing dynamics of this pandemic.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, We are all in this Together

Our Philosophy


We built our company on one very simple idea. The idea, that sharing a meal with friends, a colleague or your family builds memories. Food is the connective fabric that binds us all. Think back to special events in your life. Whether it was a celebration, a holiday meal or even a lunch you shared with a long lost friend. More often than not, you remember something about the meal you had. It could be something as simple as your aunt’s mashed potatoes, your mom’s brisket, your dad’s steaks or that banquet hall’s rubber chicken. 

Smell, taste, colour, texture, they are all components of a memory that we can carry with us for a lifetime. It’s astounding that you can taste something and instantly pull out a memory of a time and place possibly decades past. You could say that we are memory makers or at the very least, that is what we try to be.

Our single goal is to create food products that will contribute to the fond memories you make. Whether you are cooking with your family, sitting down with friends over a cheese board and a glass of wine or putting food out for a celebration, we want to be a part of your Wildly Delicious life.


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We can create amazing Cheese and Charcuterie platters

for your special event.

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