• Essential WD

    These are the products that we built our reputation on and helped us earn our position as Canada's Specialty Food Company

  • Are You Getting Saucy with Me?

    We make a lot of sauce.  Whether you are marinating, grilling, drizzling, dipping, glazing or slow cooking, we have a sauce for you.  Inspired by the diversity of food cultures from across the globe discover your new favourite.

  • Preserve Co. Ltd

    Discover a killer selection of jams, jellies, butters, curds, and savoury condiments made in their simplest, purest form.

  • A Little Dip Will Do Ya!

    As our  longest running product line, our Bread Dippers were introduced 24 years ago.  Over the years, they've been imitated but never duplicated.  Discover their versatility as a salad dressing, a marinade or in their purest form served with a really great loaf of crusty bread.

  • Got Compote?

    Compote, the sexy word for preserved cooked fruits. It's not a jam, it's not a jelly and it's definitely not a chutney.  We've designed these preserved fruits to be paired and served with cheeses.  They are also pretty damn versatile as a sandwich spread or served with grilled meat.  If that doesn't help you, think of it this way. Their closest cousins would be Cranberry Sauce on Turkey, Apple Sauce and a pork chop or Lingonberry Sauce a'la Ikea. The big difference is, we make ours so much sexier.

  • Light Up My Life

    Shed a little light on your situation with these noisy candles. Well...ok, they're not actually noisy but they do crackle when they burn and they smell real pretty too.  We also sell non-noisy candles.

  • Seriously Dude...Wash Your Hands!

    No, we don't make soap but we got behind the Beekman's line of soaps and lotion because they really make beautiful products. An while beauty really is only skin deep, this stuff will treat your skin really well.

  • Food Co.'s We're Proud to Hang With

    We make a lot of food products but contrary to popular belief, some products are just not in our wheelhouse. Stuff like honey's and maple syrup, we leave to the experts. So it's safe to say that if we carry a food product we don't make, it's from a company that we are proud to share our marquee with.

  • Pass me the Mustard Please

    Did you know that Canada is the world's largest producer of mustard seeds?  Oddly enough, mustard is intrinsically Canadian but most of us don't know that. So why do those folks over in Dijon get all the glory? Don't get me wrong, they make some good stuff but so do we.  Click on this door to find out.


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